How to use Gulp with WordPress

This video tutorial goes over my current Gulp file and how I use it in my WordPress theme development workflow. The theme in this video is a Bootstrap 4 starter theme called StrapPress.

To learn how to download and get started with StrapPress, view this tutorial.

When I was first learning about Gulp I didn’t really understand why I needed it or how it could help me. Once I figured out how to integrate it into my WordPress themes, I never looked back. It saves me SO much time and I never go into a new project without using it.

My gulpfile.js is always changing as I add new tasks and customize tasks to better fit my needs. Sometimes Gulp plugins are depreciated and new ones take over, so every once in awhile things will change. The following code in my current gulpfile.js that I am using:

The video goes over some examples of each Gulp tasks, but the real magic happens when you start to actually build a custom WordPress theme. Stay tuned!