How to remove Powered by WordPress from Theme

This tutorial goes over how to remove “Powered by WordPress” from the footer of a WordPress theme. We will use the child theme we created in the last tutorial.

If you want to follow along, you will need to create a WordPress child theme first.

Remove Powered by WordPress in Footer

The video goes over the exact steps to customize the footer of your parent theme with a child theme. The first thing you want to do is create the same directory structure of the parent theme in your child theme. This means you need to create template-parts/footer in your child theme.

Once you have those directories created, simply copy the site-info.php file and paste it into your new footer directory (template-parts/footer) in the child theme.

Now that you have the site-info.php file in your child theme, open the file in a text editor and make any edits/additions that you would like to the file. Once the file is saved, you will notice your child theme file will now be used instead of the parent theme file.