How to create a WordPress Child Theme

This video tutorial goes over how to create a WordPress child theme so you can customize your parent theme markup and styles.

If you purchased a premium WordPress theme or just want to make some changes to a theme that you found on the web, it is important to create a child theme. Creating a child theme will make sure that the changes you make to the theme will not be overwritten when the parent theme rolls out a new update.

There are only a few instances where I can see that you don’t need a child theme when customizing a theme:

  1. You don’t care about future updates for the theme you are using..
  2. You are building a custom WordPress theme from scratch. Your own parent theme.
  3. You can make all your needed changes in the parent theme options panel.

Other than those few instances, I would recommend creating a child theme to make all the needed changes you would like to your parent theme.

Steps to Create a WordPress Child Theme

The following steps go over how to create a child theme for the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme, but they can be followed to make a child theme for any child theme friendly parent WordPress theme.

  1. In the /themes/ directory create a new directory for your child theme files. In this case twentyseventeen-child
  2. In this new directory create two new files, styles.css and functions.php with the code below:

  3. Go to the WordPress Dashboard then Appearance -> Themes and activate your new child theme

Now that you have a child theme, you can start make any changes that you would like to the parent theme.

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